Pure joy, or possibly hysteria.

Pure joy, or possibly hysteria.

Motherhood. Is. Hard.

 You face a ridiculous onslaught of emotions and pressure - both internal and external - about how to be "The Perfect Mom." It's easy to drown in shame, self-comparison, and guilt. These forces caused me so much grief for so long, because I pushed hard against them, trying to play the game according to other people's rules, ticking off all the "right" check boxes, and living in a self-imposed box.

Sister, you're meant to be free. 

Keeping a spotless house, preparing all of the "right" foods, buying all the "right" toys - doing all the things "perfect" mothers are "supposed" to do - these things may look good on paper, but they will also leave you drained and frustrated. You deserve to be free, to mother in a way that feels comfortable to you. You deserve to make time for yourself, to nurture your connection with your partner, and with your friends. You deserve to give yourself permission to not always do everything "right," to blaze your own trail through motherhood. 

When you blaze your own trail, you find a lot more joy in the journey.

And I'm on this journey, too.

I'm here in the thick of it to laugh with you, cry with you, and give voice to the realities and challenges we face every single day. I'm here to supply you with stories, rants, and raves that expose what this journey is really all about, and (hopefully) make you feel less alone. 

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